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ATW automatic aluminum foil rewinder

ATW automatic aluminum foil rewinder

aluminum foil roll


ATW-AF600 Automatic aluminum foil rewinder

(For Aluminium foil )(uploading paper tube and glueing is automatically )(it is suitable for making short meters from 3-200m)


1. Auto Feeder

2. UV sterilization light

3 Auto paper tube glueing

4.Auto paper tube uploading

5.final foil roll collecting belt

6.Siemens PLC


Specification :
1.Thickness of raw material:              -0.01mm0.02mm

2.Width of raw material:                  -100-500mm

3.Maximum unwinding diameter:           -600mm

4.Inner diameter of parent roll core:        -75mm

5.Inner diameter of finished product roll core:- 25 ,30 ,35mm

6.Finished roll length:                    -3m--300m

7.Production efficiency based on length of roll.

8.Unloading magnetic powder brake:       -25N.M

9.Winding magnetic powder clutch:        -12N.M

10.Overall dimension:                    -4000*1350*1710mm

11.Rated power of complete machine:      -4KW

12.Compressed air pressure:             -0.5 Mpa

(prepared by the customer)

13.Weight of complete machine:           -1500KG


-Specification :

1.Thickness of raw material: 0.009mm0.02mm

2.Width of raw material: 100-500mm

3.Maximum unwinding diameter: Φ 600mm

4.Inner diameter of parent roll core: 76mm/152mm (option)

5.Inner diameter of finished product roll core:Φ 25 Φ30 Φ35mm (option)

6.Finished roll length:3m--300m

7.Production speed:0-150m/s

8.Unloading magnetic powder brake: 25N.M

9.Winding magnetic powder clutch:12N.M

10.Overall dimension: 4000*1350*1710mm

11.Total power:4KW

12.Compressed air pressure: 0.5 Mpa; (prepared by the customer)

13.Total Weight: About 1500KG

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