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Packaging materials are at risk of hazardous residues

2018/9/3 17:59:09

China's food packaging materials mainly include plastic aluminum paper composite materials, multi-layer plastic composite materials, plastic paper composite materials, glass, metal, ceramics and paper. In these packaging materials, there may be whitening agents, light blocking agents, and additions. Chemically modified additives such as plastics, brighteners, adhesives, heavy metals and pigments that are harmful to people's health and safety, such as lead, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, antimony, bismuth, dibutyltin compounds, bisphenol A, cresyl phosphate, ortho Phthalate, bis(2-ethylhexyl) adipate, vinyl chloride monomer, organic solvents such as benzene and toluene, vinylidene chloride monomer, bismuth, zinc, heavy metals, n-hexane, alkylphenol, Methyl methacrylate, caprolactone, cadmium, propylene oxide, vinyl chloride monomer, and the like. The transfer of these substances into the packaged food (food) after the formation of the package is called a "migrator", and the amount of transfer must be limited.

As packaging materials have an impact on the safety of food, as a countermeasure against real and potential food safety crises, the management of food packaging materials in advanced countries has been strictly regulated and managed in accordance with food additive regulations. At present, China has also imposed restrictions on some safety risk substances in food packaging materials. For example, GB9685-2008 "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Additives in Food Containers and Packaging Materials" stipulates the principles of use for additives for food containers and packaging materials. GB/T 23887—2009 “General Good Practices for Food Packaging Containers and Materials Manufacturers” regulates the production process of food packaging materials. However, China has not yet established a general safety standard for all food packaging materials. This situation has led to the lack of evidence for the safety management of some food packaging materials, such as the coverage of food packaging materials, the management of the outer and outer materials of composite materials, and the functional barrier layer. Problems such as how to manage substances such as impurities and solvents.

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