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Problems in the production management system of food packaging materials

2018/9/15 16:33:34

In 2015, there were nearly 6,000 food packaging manufacturers in China, and the scale and product quality were mixed. Some companies cover up impurities in order to reduce costs, use inferior raw materials, or even illegally use recycled plastic waste or add fluorescent whitening agents that are carcinogenic. In addition, most food production enterprises in China implement purchased packaging products, and the enterprises that produce packaging products are usually general-purpose enterprises, and their production environment and sanitary conditions are difficult to ensure the safety of products. Ink is also a major hidden danger of food packaging materials in China. There is no special ink for food packaging in China. Although some enterprises can already achieve benzene-free packaging, the cost of using benzene-free inks has increased significantly, and consumers generally cannot recognize whether the packaging is safe or not. Packaging companies are hard to discipline on ink issues.

At present, the safety of food packaging materials in China is still in a passive processing stage. It does not form an effective monitoring system from source to use. The market access system is not strict, and the plastic packaging and paper packaging of the domestic food and beverage industry and The production enterprises of composite packaging have relatively backward production processes and unstable product quality, which is still far from the developed countries. China's management system is still not perfect. Although food packaging manufacturers are required to carry out QS certification, due to the large number of production enterprises, non-QS certified products of some illegal enterprises or small workshops can still enter the market.

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