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Food packaging material safety management standards

2018/9/29 16:45:06

Theories and methods for the safety evaluation of hazardous substances in food packaging materials have been systematically studied in developed countries. The list of substances allowed in food packaging materials is generally listed in a positive list. In addition, the United States and the European Union have already Special provisions have been made for non-toxic and harmless substances, such as the US regulatory threshold principle, which does not require permission for such substances to be directly permitted; the EU also has a substance migration of less than 0.01 mg/kg in the functional barrier layer. The substance can be used directly, but substances outside the scope of the US or the EU are not allowed to be used.

China has formulated GB9685-2008 "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Additives for Food Containers and Packaging Materials", and gives a list of additives that are allowed to be used in food packaging materials. Refer to the US and EU models for maximum use, specific migration, and maximum residue. The combined dual model strictly manages the use of food packaging material additives. However, there are no relevant standards for the management of raw materials (including monomers) of food packaging materials in China, and there are no standards for the use of food packaging related products such as inks, adhesives, etc., and these substances are safety hazards in packaging materials.

The testing standard is the technical basis of packaging management. All countries attach great importance to the improvement of testing standards. The United Kingdom has established a series of standards for testing methods for plastic food packaging materials. The United States established the American Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials. (ASTM) standard, Japan stipulates the detection method of general safety indicators related to molded products, but has not yet established a systematic food packaging material safety testing standard and hazardous material migration measuring method standard, which has greatly caused the safety supervision of packaging materials. difficult.

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